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Several key telecommunications clients already retain FONET® as their fiber optics technology support associate, servicing all their expansion, maintenance and emergency repair requirements.

Network Expertise

Having completed hundreds of network installations and thousands of trouble-free splices since 1990, FONET® is recognized as one of Mexico's leading independent fiber optic specialists.

Telco Service

FONET® is retained and⁄or sought out repeatedly by many diversified clients - for both their new installation needs and urgent network repairs. 

Since 2002, besides serving its traditional telecommunications and metro clients, FONET has rapidly penetrated fiber optical work in CFE's (Mexico's electricity commission) transmission line and substations projects, during the installation of near 36,000 kms of OPGW cable. 


Four-Pillar Client Support

FONET® renders service support to clients in four prime areas - the images to the left from recent work sites highlighting the scope and depth of FONET's proven fiber optical service capabilities in major telecom and connectivity related projects. 

1. Starting from consulting and design engineering, FONET® can help clients package the mostoptimal and cost-effective systems, matched to their network requirements - and then help supervise their installations. 

2. FONET® can then readily supply all elements - cables and hardware distributors and connectors, plus manage all related sub-contractor civil work, plus final cable and equipment installation phases

3. Once all cables are ready for splicing, FONET's highly-qualified crews in air-conditioned service vehicles make careful, problem free fusion splices - then take OTDR and PMD measurements to ensure quality splices and correct network performance. 

4. FONET®  is ready to assist clients in any required: staff splicing and testing equipment training; test unit rentals; system modifications;key maintenance - and emergency repairs, personal training measurements and optical splices.


Last-Mile Connectivity Partner

FONET® can provide experienced optical fiber installation, splicing and testing support to telephone companies and telecom contractors who plan to pursue this explosive first-phase, last-mile potential - and those in another 20,000 kms of OPGW to be installed by CFE and other major infrastructure projects in Mexico through 2012. 

If sufficient demand exists, FONET® will work with project and system owners to provide them with permanent, 24 x 7 network service response capabilities in select locations across Mexico. 


Consulting, Engineering and Supervision


  • - Inspecting Monterrey Metro system for modification suggestions.
  • - Reviewing Cancun area substation system for planned additions.
  • - Overseeing dielectric cable installation at CFE Merida substation.
  • - Checking OPGW cable during line stringing operations near Mexico City.


Supply, Construction and Installation


  • - Examining FONET-sourced splice enclosure before starting splicing work.
  • - Mounting splice-completed and leak-tested, enclosure on tower.
  • - Installing dielectric cable runs in CFE substation in Escarcaga.
  • - Connecting spliced fibers to optical distributor in substation cabinet.


Splicing, Testing and Network Measurements


  • - Arranging optical cables and spliced fibers inside enclosure.
  • - Preparing and correctly locating final cabling in optical distributor.
  • - Verifying with PMD unit, proper system operation with no bad fibers.
  • - Testing submarine cable in Lazaro Cardenas recently, for Alcatel.


Training, Repair and Emergency Services


  • - Training Monterrey Metro engineers on OTDR optical system testing. 
  • - Conducting maintenance checks at substation near Mexico City.
  • - Responding to emergency repair request after cable damage.
  • - Repairing problem fiber in splice box connection in Metro system.



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FONET® - Fiber Optic Networks & Systems S.A. de C.V., is your connectivity partner in Mexico and Central America - for all your fiber optic installation and telecom network maintenance needs.

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