FONET® provides a TOTAL Connectivity Solution for all your Fiber Optics

Installation/Maintence Services and Cables/Supplies/Equipment needs in Mexico...

Installation, Maintenance, Training and Support Services


Building on broad network installation and service experience,

Optical Cables, Splice Boxes and Cable Support Hardware


FONET offers a variety of brands of OPGW (optical power ground wire)

Cabinets, Optical Distributors, Cables and Connections

To meet your network system's connectivity design requirements

Fiber Optics Splicing and Testing Equipment

Based on proven use and reliability in its own installation and service

Expert Services / Quality Services

FONET® - Fiber Optic Networks & Systems S.A. de C.V., is your connectivity partner in Mexico and Central America - for all your fiber optic installation and maintenance of optical fiber telecommunications.


Support with experience

and responsibility

Extensive experience in construction, installation and service, FONET provides to customers of telecommunications, absolute reliability on connectivity optical, consulting, engineering, optics, installation, splicing, testing, modifications / adjustments, maintenance, repair and training.

FONET can become your strategic, fiber optics solutions partner in Mexico - helping you gain a major share in this burgeoning broad, last-mile growth opportunity.

Several key telecommunications clients already retain FONET as their fiber optics technology support associate, servicing all their expansion, maintenance and emergency repair requirements.

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Connectivity Partner

Make FONET your pivotal partner to secure a major share in emerging last-mile growth opportunities in Mexico - the final leg of fiber optic connectivity from communication providers to customers.

In Mexico these opportunities of "last mile" represent a great potential for growth and market positioning, suggesting implementing strategies for premature advantages in market positioning NOW, via fiber optic connectivity, with FONET as its strategic partner!





As a technology and service partner, FONET can help you ensure state-of-the-art capabilities and optimum performance, with high up-time reliability in your network.

FONET's quality reputation; affordable installation and support services; economical sourcing of all optical fiber connectivity needs via direct purchasing from manufacturers and in-house import handling; and select splicing and test units, training and rentals - all help guarantee competitively priced solutions for your total fiber optic needs, and sustained top network performance.

The reputation of quality, installation services and supplies that FONET offers is due to its direct contact with the best manufacturers of optical components, without intermediaries in exports and imports, as well as the careful selection of accessories, components and optical equipment’s of the highest quality, including measuring equipment and splicing, training, sale, rental, this ensures high price competitiveness and high profitability for networks and projects of our customers.


Gain from FONET
Benefits - NOW!

Have FONET audit your network or planned new connectivity project - and recommend options for less expensive network upgrading, focused on higher performance and operating reliability.

Review FONET's offerings and broad experience here - and contact us soon for a quotation, providing us details of your planned connectivity project or service support needs.

Then start working in full confidence with FONET as your dedicated TOTAL, fiber optics connectivity partner - for your complete future network expansion and service support requirements in Mexico.

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FONET® - Fiber Optic Networks & Systems S.A. de C.V., is your connectivity partner in Mexico and Central America - for all your fiber optic installation and telecom network maintenance needs.

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