Interconection equipments


FONET® meets your TOTAL new installation needs for Cabinets, Racks, Fiber Optical Distributors,
and Connection Cables and Components in Mexico and Latin America

To meet your network system's connectivity design requirements and to ensure ease of installation and maintenance, FONET® draws upon its cumulative experience and latest supplier offerings to select the optimal, lowest-cost combination of cabinets, racks and optical fiber distribution frames from among several manufacturers.


Junction box for optic cables

CAJASConnecting cables, pig-tails, jumpers, connectors, attenuators and similar components are also supplied as part of these economical packages - along with any necessary polishing items and cleaning accessories

To ensure proper placement and protection of fiber splice sites of its major project, FONET offers a variety of optical junction boxes type Air, Underground, directly buried and submarine.

Junction boxes must be selected taking into account the extreme characteristics of the operating environment of the link, whether air, trenches, underground or underwater; in hot, cold, damp or wet climates; high salinity or corrosive conditions; proof and vandalism, including firearms bullets.

The junction boxes can be supplied with valve tightness test or not, according to customer specifications.

Do you doubt when choosing your junction box? Get in touch with us! We will help you select the best option for your project.


Optical Distribution Frames, Cabinets And Racks


FONET® is constantly introducing and utilizing the latest and best, price value feature combinations for cabinets, racks and optical fiber distributor frames - swing-out, splice-shelf and storage types - for clients' new project or network upgrading, system needs.

Optimization of packages are not just cost-based, but also focused on ease of access, and simplicity for both initial fiber optic installation work and future maintenance and emergency repairs.

All units are matched and supplied along with connecting cables and components, in economic packages to meet your project budgets and fiber optic, connectivity operating requirements - and in case of emergencies, replacements can be rapidly sourced for you.



Connection Cables, Connectors And Attenuators


Several brands of low-cost, function- and quality-proven, interconnection components - various types of connection cables, connectors, jumpers, pigtails, attenuators and color-coded, protective plastic sleeves - are readily available for your installations, either from a base inventory carried by FONET® or supplied quickly against custom project or maintenance replacement, orders.

FONET® ensures they are all correctly paired to optical fiber distributor frames and other communications equipment installed in your cabinet racks.

These project or package purchases of complementary connection elements bought from FONET®, help guarantee your connectivity system reliability - while offering significant savings to you over other channel options, due to FONET's direct buying relations with global manufacturers.


Polishing Equipment And Accessories


In support of your fiber splicing activities, FONET® offers a small range of optic fiber polishers, hand polishing discs and epoxy ovens.

A selection of polishing films, mats, pads, plates and powders are also available from FONET.

If required, FONET can train your fiber optic technicians in proper polishing, splicing and testing techniques, in a nominal-fee, one-day course.



Gels, Cleaners, Swabs, Wipes And Supplies


FONET® also carries a small range of recommended cleaning supplies and related accessories - matching gel, isopropyl alcohol, canned air, cleaners, connector cleaners and swabs, handcleaners, towelletes and fiber optic wipes.

NOTE: Besides the fiber optic supplies indicated here, FONET® can help you with other ancillary items - such as buried fiber optic cable markers, signs, etc.; just email FONET a list of what your need.



Servicing Ease

Key to optimal fiber optic network performance is careful selection of compatible, final connectivity hardware and components - for connecting to both incoming dielectric or other fiber optic cables and installed, system telecommunication equipment.


Ease Of Access And Use

The first important decision is choosing an adequate size cabinet with enough racks and space - and ease of working access, front and rear - to house both current and projected future, optic fiber distribution and telecom unit needs. 

Then, quality optical distribution frames need to be selected - swing-out, splice-shelf, storage or other types - both to fit within cabinet dimensions and for fast and easy access for installation, servicing and emergency repairs

With all equipment suppliers' units meeting the above base criteria, FONET® will then propose the best cost-feature-quality, combination racks-distribution option.


Compatible, Quality Connections

Once the cabinet-racks-optical distribution frames option is settled, FONET turns to selecting the lowest cost combination of quality connecting cables, pigtails, jumpers, connectors, attenuators, etc. - consistent with proven performance and reliability

FONET® has multiple choices from among many worldwide suppliers, for all these interconnection components - and for all of its recommended selections, guarantees them for two years after final installation, splices and connections' testing with OTDR and PMD units .


Auxilary Equipment And Supplies

To support all your related splicing supply needs, FONET® also carries a range of optical fiber polishers, hand polishing discs and epoxy ovens - and a selection of polishing media. 

FONET®-preferred cleaning supplies - matching gel, isopropyl alcohol, canned air, connector cleaners, swabs, towelettes and fiber optic wipes - are also available.


One-Stop Source Benefits-NOW!

As with all its product offerings and TOTAL optical fiber supplies and services approach, FONET avoids intermediaries' markups - through direct purchasing from manufacturers and in-house imports handling. 

FONET passes on much of these savings to you - via more economical, quality optical fiber distribution and connection units. 

So, prepare your list of distribution hardware and connection supplies, then contact us - to place an order with FONET and start enjoying incremental connectivity savings as our other valued clients now do. 

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FONET® - Fiber Optic Networks & Systems S.A. de C.V., is your connectivity partner in Mexico and Central America - for all your fiber optic installation and telecom network maintenance needs.

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