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FONET® offers TOTAL packages of compatible Fiber Optical Cables, Splice Enclosures and
Cable Supports 
for all your network expansion needs in Mexico...



FONET® offers a variety of brands of OPGW (optical power ground wire), ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting), dielectric and other types of optical cables; plus suspension, support and dead-end clamps, dampers, splicing enclosures and related hardware.

All are matched and supplied in economic packages to meet your new project and network upgrading, budget requirements - and sourced and delivered fast in response to meet your emergency needs



OPGW And ADSS Optical Fiber Cables


FONET® offers several brands of OPGW (optical power ground wire) cables, mainly for CFE (Mexico's electricity commission) transmission and distribution lines - and meeting their rigid performance specifications

A variety of quality ADSS (all-dielectric self-supporting) fiber optical cable options - all complying with strict telecom industry standards - are also available for aerial use in your last-mile connectivity routes to your network systems, from CFE's leased fiber optics network. 

Combinations of order lengths for reels of up to 288 fiber count cables, are computed against actual cable route lengths, download drops and final runs to network connection points - to minimize excess cable lengths.



Dielectric And Other Fiber Optic Cables


A broad range of armored and regular dielectric and other types of optical cables are also available from FONET® - for utilization in the final external ground and internal facility runs to your connectivity network equipment. 

Fiber counts, communication characteristics and other key properties are all matched to your telecommunications system's, specific operating performance requirements. 







OPGW And ADSS Fittings

For each fiber optic cable fixing or support point, FONET® carefully selects and provides the best support mode unit to eliminate support-related, OPGW and ADSS cable fiber communication failures - usually due to the wrong type of aerial supports. 

Several brands of OPGW and ADSS fiber optic cable support hardware are offered - covering suspension, down-lead/dead-end and other types of clamps, wind and vibration dampers, splice enclosure mounting brackets and other support components. 





Hardware support for underground cables and Interior

Outside trench supports and inside overhead, trays and conduit runs are designed to ensure minimum radius curvature in cable installations to prevent damage to the fibers and their communication characteristics.


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FONET® will promptly review them for best-practices and proper selections, submitting a preliminary, optimal cost-performance configuration for your earliest consideration - to analyze then move ahead fast with FONET!


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FONET® - Fiber Optic Networks & Systems S.A. de C.V., is your connectivity partner in Mexico and Central America - for all your fiber optic installation and telecom network maintenance needs.

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